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August 2, 2010

Random Scene: “Emma Leaves Home (Again)”

Here is a rough cut of the Big Emotional Climax from the movie. Luke (Ryan Stone) and Danielle (Tara Everhart) continue their argument about Emma (Vanessa Long), and Emma decides it’s not realistic to try and stick around any longer. The song is “Everybody Here is a Cloud” by Cloud Cult. We have a few edits to make (example: weird black flashes, huh?) but it’s mostly finished.


June 13, 2010

Random Scene: “Emma Cleans House”

Here’s a scene from about the halfway point in the movie, when Emma (Vanessa Long) finally gets to be alone in the house she grew up in, after being away for the prior 10 years. I really like the tone of the scene, and it’s a nice quiet moment before we get into the Poker Party scene. We shot most of the scene during the last day of the non-stop 6 days of principle photography, after most of the other actors had headed back to LA. The song used in the clip was “Bones for Dr. Swah” by the band Wooden Wand, but we couldn’t get permission, so I asked Nate Ballard (who plays Emma’s sort-of love interest Tad) to let me use one of his songs. When I can, I’ll upload the final version of the scene.

June 9, 2010

Random Scene: “Construction Site Conversation”

This was our second attempt at this scene. The first location we went to kicked us out, so we drove around until we found this place, which turned out to be much better. I love the construction going on in the background, and the shot of Luke sitting alone with the construction equipment in the background is one of my favorite images in the movie.

June 9, 2010

Random Scenes: “Art Gallery Walk”

This is a scene early on in the movie that was cut to shorten the movie a few minutes, and because of potential issues with trying to get the art work cleared. It had appeared immediately after Emma had left Luke and Danielle at the bar, and just before she bumped into Tad at the street fair. I hated cutting it because I really like the feeling and Zamp’s photography and the way it meshed with my brother’s song, but in the end it had to go.

June 1, 2010

Opening Title Sequence (Rough Cut)

Here’s the rough cut of the opening title sequence for I’m On Fire. The song playing is Chad Vangaalen’s “Rabid Bits of Time”. Unfortunately, we were able to get permission to use it for the final version. Fortunately, we were able to get “The Rain Pauly” by Boat Beam to replace it. Both are amazing songs, and I love how they immediately set the tone for the movie. I’ll post the final opening title sequence sometime in the future. Enjoy!