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June 4, 2010

Random Scene: “Street Fair”

Since my Mac crashed I’ve had very limited access to the most up-to-date I’m On Fire files. So, while I wait to get it replaced/repaired, I’m going to post random scenes from the older version I submitted to Sundance and upload them here.

The Street Fair scene is early on in the movie, taking place immediately after Emma has an awkward reunion with her cousin Luke and his fiance Danielle. She bumps into Tad at the street fair in Palm Springs, and they have a nice walk and talk, which is a lot less uncomfortable than the prior scene. My original intention was to bookmark the movie with a pair of long, uncut dialogue scenes; this one with Tad and Emma and a driving scene with Luke and Danielle at the end. Also, throughout the movie, I wanted to avoid as many “movie moments” as I could — no voice overs, no sound track, no score, no montage scenes, and so forth. Unfortunately, we learned pretty quickly that trying to shoot an uninterrupted 7-minute guerrilla-style walk-and-talk scene with 5,000 people all wondering what the hell you’re up to is pretty much impossible, and because our audio guy didn’t show up, I knew trying to make this scene work the way I’d intended wasn’t going to happen, so we improvised and came up with this. I think it turned out well, given the circumstances. I’m most impressed by Nate and Vanessa’s work — they did nearly all their conversation unsupervised, as I was trying to keep Zampas from getting busted by the cops. The initial conversation between Tad and Emma is taken from one 8 minute clip with no additional coverage or direction. Also, the song used is “Josh Likes Me” by the band Mom; it was later replaced by “Boredom” by PATH.